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Quick Growing Microgreens: Get Fresh Harvests in No Time with These Varieties 0
Quick Growing Microgreens: Get Fresh Harvests in No Time with These Varieties

Quick-Growing Microgreens: Get Fresh Harvests in No Time with These Varieties


🌱 Welcome, Sprout Lover! Get ready to embark on a green and speedy journey with MP SEEDS, your favorite microgreens seeds shop! 🌿✨

If you're a fan of instant gratification, impatiently tapping your foot while waiting for your greens to sprout, then this blog post is tailor-made for you. We're about to spill the beans on the fastest-growing microgreens in town! 🏃‍♀️💨

In this amusing guide, we'll be highlighting four lightning-fast microgreens that will have you snipping, harvesting, and munching away in no time. Buckle up, because these tiny leafy champions are here to make you feel like the Usain Bolt of gardening! 🥇🌿💨

Today we will go shortly over below varieties:


  • What other microgreens’ varieties are fast to grow?


So, grab your gardening gloves, put on your running shoes (yes, you'll need them, we promise), and let's dive into the world of microgreens that are faster than the Flash! 💨🌿

Ready to sprint to the finish line with your greens? Let's get started!


 🚀 Arugula: The Rocket Speedster

Arugula, the rocket speedster of microgreens, is as fascinating to grow as it is to taste! Below you find some cultivation tips from soakint, through blackout time to tips and tricks to ensure your arugula microgreens take off like a rocket 🌱💨 



How to grow arugula microgreens?

  • No soaking needed: Unlike some other seeds, arugula rocket seeds don't require soaking before planting- it is because it has tiny seeds. Simply give them a good watering, and they'll start their incredible journey towards becoming vibrant microgreens. 💦🌱
  • Water gelly shell: One interesting fact about arugula rocket seeds is that they form a water gel shell after watering, which helps in maintaining moisture levels. This nifty adaptation ensures that your arugula microgreens stay hydrated throughout their growth process. 🌊💧 How cool is that?
  • Quick growth in just 7 days: If you're eager to harvest your arugula microgreens in no time, you're in luck! With a combination of 2 days of blackout first and 5 days of the growing phase, you can enjoy the flavorful goodness of arugula in just one week. That's right, from seed to plate in just 7 days! 📆🌿😮
  • Delicate greens: Arugula microgreens are delicate and require careful handling. To maintain their freshness and vitality, it's recommended to sell them alive in trays. This way, customers can enjoy the full flavor and nutritional benefits of freshly harvested arugula. 🌱🛒😍
  • Mold prevention: If you notice any signs of mold on your arugula microgreens, don't fret! It's a common challenge that can be overcome. One effective method is to sow fewer seeds per tray to reduce the risk of excess moisture and mold formation. 🚫🤢🌱
  • High germination ratio: You can have confidence in the quality of our arugula rocket seeds. The current lot boasts an impressive germination ratio of 95%, ensuring a high success rate for your microgreen endeavors. 🌱🌱🌱
  • Sow density: Remember, for a 10x20 tray, the recommended seed density is approximately 24 grams to achieve optimal growth and yield. 📏🌱✨

Get ready to witness the speedy sprouting and delectable flavor of arugula microgreens. With these cultivation tips in mind, you'll be enjoying a bountiful harvest in no time. Happy growing! 🌱✨🥗



🌶 Mustard White: The Spicy Sprinter

Get ready to add some heat and excitement to your microgreen garden with Mustard White, the spiciest sprinter of the mustard family! This variety outshines its counterparts, Mustard Black and Mustard Chinese B, in terms of sharpness. Brace yourself for a fiery flavor explosion grown and harvested in 9 days in total! 🌶💥

If you are here you probably want to know how to grow it, right? We’ve got you covered then! Please find some cultivation recommendations below: 

  • Growing Mustard White microgreens is a breeze. We recommend it even for the first time growing microgreens.  
  • No pre-soaking is needed for these speedy sprouters. 
  • Simply let them germinate for 2 days, 
  • sow density for 10x20 tray: 31 grams,
  • and then give them 7 more days under ideal lighting conditions. 
  • These seeds are specifically intended for microgreen purposes, so get ready to enjoy the intense flavor and stunning appearance of your Mustard White microgreens! 🌱✨🌶

But wait, there's more! Mustard White doesn't just bring the easy growing experience, and spicy taste, it also brings a visual treat. The contrasting colors of vibrant green leaves above the mesmerizing purple undersides, along with those white, hairy stalks, will give your produce an added layer of interesting visuals. Your microgreens game just got a whole lot spicier and more visually appealing! 🌿🔥🌈

Add some zing and a touch of heat to your culinary creations with Mustard White microgreens. They're quick, they're spicy, and they're here to elevate your taste buds to new heights! Happy growing and even happier munching. 🌶😋🚀 Let’s go to the next fast growing microgreen!



🌿 Cress: The Swift Sprouter

✨ Easy cultivation guaranteed! ✨ Get ready to witness the swift sprouting powers of Cress microgreens. With the handy hydration gel pouch, our coconut coir cultivation tip, and an abundance of seeds per gram, you'll be on the fast track to growing delicious and nutritious Cress in no time. 

Happy sprouting, and may your Cress microgreens be as swift as a cheetah! 🌿🏃‍♀️💨 



Cultivation tips and tricks for cress microgreen which you need to know:

  • Don't break a sweat over spending too much time cultivating or drenching your Cress seeds before planting – we've got a nifty trick up our sleeves! 
  • Simply keep their growing medium lightly watered and watch the magic happen. Each seed will draw in the moisture it needs from the surrounding soil, enclosing itself in a special hydration gel pouch. That little jelly pouch has got your back, so no need to water again until germination starts! 💦🌱🧪
  • To make sprouting even easier, we've got a secret weapon for you: coconut coir! This natural and versatile material is the ideal choice for your Cress microgreens. It retains moisture like a pro while providing the perfect amount of drainage, ensuring your Cress seeds can thrive with ease. Say goodbye to soggy messes and hello to hassle-free cultivation! 🥥🌿🌧️
  • Seed count per gram in current variety: 450 seeds 🌱
  • Recommended sow density in 10x20 tray: 32 grams 📏🌿
  • The ideal time to harvest your Cress microgreens is when the leaves have fully opened and grown to a glorious height of 3 inches. Usually, this delightful stage occurs between days 5 and 9 of growth. 

Get your scissors ready, because those little sprouts are eager to be snipped and enjoyed! 🌿✂️😋


🌱 Daikon Radish: The Rapid Racer

Radish Daikon microgreens, scientifically known as Raphanus sativus, are here to spice up your culinary adventures with their classic Asiatic flavor and cheer you with their super fast growing! These microgreens are not only delicious but also incredibly easy to grow, making them a perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Get ready for some effortless green goodness! 🌶️🌿😋

With an impressive seed count of 66 seeds per gram, you'll have an abundance of these vibrant microgreen sprouts ready to grace your plates. 

And when it comes to sowing them, a sow density of 48 grams in a 10x20 tray will give you the optimal balance for growth and harvest. Prepare yourself for a bountiful yield of these crunchy delights! 🌱🌿🌾

Cultivating Radish, Daikon microgreens is an absolute breeze, thanks to their easy difficulty level. No green thumb required! Simply sow the seeds, provide them with the right amount of care, and watch them thrive in no time. It's a straightforward process that yields fantastic results. 🌱🎉🌿

Get ready to experience the magic of these microgreens as they add an unexpected crunch and zest to your dishes. Whether you're garnishing salads, enhancing the flavors of soups, or seeking an allergy-friendly alternative to nuts, Radish, Daikon microgreens have got you covered. Their mild spiciness and expedited growth make them a delightful addition to any meal. 🥗🍜🥜

So, why wait? Dive into the world of Radish, Daikon microgreens and enjoy the flavorful journey they offer. Their Latin name, Raphanus sativus, is your ticket to fresh, vibrant, and easy-to-grow microgreens. Happy cultivating and bon appétit! 🌿✨🥕



What other microgreens’ varieties are fast to grow?

Prepare to be impressed by a range of microgreens that grow faster than you can say "harvest time"! Here are some more quick-growing champions that will satisfy your need for speed and greens, maybe we will go over them in next article, but today you may read about them on their product pages :

🌱 Broccoli Raab: This microgreen bursts with flavor and grows at an astonishing pace. In just a short span, you'll have tender and nutrient-packed greens ready to be enjoyed.


Broccoli Raab⬇️

🌿 Turnip: Don't let its small size fool you; turnip microgreens are rapid growers. Their vibrant green leaves and peppery taste will add a delightful kick to your dishes in no time.

🥬 Lettuce Crisp: Craving crispy and refreshing microgreens? Look no further than lettuce crisp! These greens grow swiftly and offer a satisfying crunch to salads, sandwiches, and more.

🌸 Radish Pink: With its vibrant pink stems and peppery flavor, radish pink microgreens are both visually appealing and fast-growing. They'll add a pop of color and taste to your culinary creations in a flash.



Summary of the fastest growing microgreens varieties

In summary, when it comes to fast-growing microgreens, there's a wide variety to choose from. Alongside the rapid sprouting champions like Arugula, Mustard White, Cress, and Daikon Radish, other speedy growers such as Broccoli Raab, Turnip, Lettuce Crisp, and Radish Pink are here to impress. These microgreens offer a burst of flavor, vibrant colors, and a satisfying crunch in a remarkably short period. Whether you're seeking boldness, zest, crispness, or vibrancy, these quick-growing microgreens will add a delightful touch to your dishes. Get ready for a swift journey of growth and taste as you witness these microgreens flourish in record time. 🌱🚀💨

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