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Growing Pea Microgreens/ Shoots in two ways!

Some of you may know, but not everyone that you can grow Pea Microgreens in two different ways!

Method 1

Soak them for 12 hours.

Drain all water

Leave  in the bucket for 24hours, during that period they will dry out and sprout in good humidity. 

Now is the time for sowing! Just spill even on your growing medium and water them a little. Watch out for over watering!

Method 2

Sow them dry on your growing medium and cover with a layer of soil

Now water them wisely and stack one on another.

Following you can find growing instruction for both methods:

You can stack up to 3 trays of peas one on another.

After a few days, depending the temperature, humidity and air flow when they are one inch tall just give them light. You can grow them under LEDs or just give them some sunlight. 

Look how big their roots can grow, you can easily on day 4 lift them and water from the bottom. 

After 7 days on light they are ready to eat!

Pro Advice: When growing indoors, try to give them cooler conditions during the night period, their taste is just magnificent using that trick! 

Pro Advice2: Check out how they grow under different night and day periods. 

Bon Apetit!


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