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How to grow Sunflower Microgreens?

Have you ever wondered how to grow perfect Sunflower Microgreens? Hulls are hard to get off the cotyledons? Weak sprouting ratio? Following you can find main rules to follow and grow Sunflower Microgreens like a pro.

Boost your sprouting ratio!

Best way to do it is to soak the seeds. Just place them in the bucket, rinse and drain them properly 2-3 times to get rid of the dust. Now pour in the water and leave for 6-8 hours. They will float on the surface, so push them with another bucket from the top. 

Your sunnies get moldy?

Wash them in sanitizer,  house hold  bleach works just best.  Washing in 1:20 ratio for 15 minutes will kill all bacterias and molds on the surface of the hulls. 

Hulls doesn't come off ?

Best way to get rid of sunflower seed hulls is to sprinkle them a little with water and leave for like 15-20minutes, they will soak and soften. After that period you have to get of them mechanicaly with your hand. Just shake the hulls off with your hand. Sometimes you might have to repeat it, just don’t let the hulls to dry out when doing that. Best time to do it is on 2nd/3rd day after turning the lights on, when the roots are strong enough to keep whole plants in your growing medium.

Enchance the sprouting ratio!

After soaking, drain all water and leave them in a bucket or empty tray, shake them once a few hours to mix dried out seeds from the top with those wet from the bottom. After 1-2days sunnies will sprout and little white end of the root will appear. It's perfect time to sow them!  Then water, its good to put empty tray on them to give them a little pressure and humidity. 

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