Will microgreens regrow after cutting?

Which microgreens regrow after cutting?

Are you a microgreens grower and wondered what happen if you leave after cutting your micro plants roots in soil medium and keep under sunlight? Will they start their life once again and give you next crop after another week? 

Many growers tried to regrow their microgreens. 

..but all they received is nothing good. 

Beetween many various crops you can grow as microgreens, there are few that can be regrown multiple times. 

Is that Radish, Red Rambo Microgreens? 

Is that Cress Microgreens?

Will Broccolli, Calabrese Micro plants regrow?

or maybe Sunflower Microgreens will grow one more time after cutting?

There is only one answer to it!- NO!

Only one variety of Microgreens can regrow and it's the one with the biggest seeds..

Pea, Frilly microgreens have one special advantage - they can get multiple crops after only one sowing.


They regrow but only under specific conditions, you have to give them best growing conditions and it's not so easy. 

Pea Microgreens have really big seeds, they store so much energy inside seeds, that they can regrow multiple times. 


All you need to give them is time and humidity.. and there is one little thing more, that can ruin or praise your next crops.

When you are cutting the first crop of Pea, Frilly Shoots you have to cut it in specific way. Plants to grow need a little leaf to absorb light and recycle it to energy used later for regrowing next crop of microgreens. 

When you look at the micro plant of Peas you can spot the first little leaf on the stem, just over the seed and comming out of it root. You have  to cut above it, it will allow your microgreens to regrow.

Hope it will help you!

Good Luck!


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