Seeds for microgreens, sprouts and edible leaves with ECO certificate: Experience the Purity of Nature

Experience the power of nature with our exceptional selection of certified organic seeds. Your clients may be waiting for ecological crops already…

MP SEEDS is proud to confirm that from 7.09.2023 fulfilled all needed requirements to achieve ECO CERTIFICATE, which means that… Each variety, each seed in this exclusive collection, is meticulously grown on specialized farms, adhering to strict ecological principles. 

Commitment of BIO CERTIFICATE to organic farming means that no artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used during the production process, ensuring a pristine and untainted soil quality. Say goodbye to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ionizing radiation, and hormones, as our organic seeds strictly comply with the regulations governing organic farming. 

Browse through our enticing range of ecological seeds and let the essence of nature flourish in your urban farm, garden or windowsill.

Organic Microgreens Seeds

Why should I Choose Organic Seeds for Microgreens and Sprouts?

Our bio, eco, and organic seeds are exclusively cultivated on specialized farms, ensuring the preservation of the natural life cycle of plants and animals.

If you want to know why organic seeds are good not only for the environment and for nature, but for your business, read below points which will blow you mind:

  • Natural Resistance to Fungal Diseases

Organic seeds possess inherent resilience against fungal diseases. This means that when you choose organic seeds for your microgreens and sprouts, you are equipping your crops with a built-in defense system. By reducing the risk of fungal infections, you ensure the vitality and longevity of your plants, leading to healthier yields and higher quality produce. Of course all good practices like cleaning the trays, ventiliting and similar are still active. Even the most ecological seed will not help if you will use the substrate from the field. 

  • Reduced Pest Vulnerability 

Organic seeds are less susceptible to pest attacks compared to seeds from crops treated with chemical preparations. It may not apply to all cultivation types of microgreens, but still it is more like an advantage… Choosing organic seeds minimizes the need for chemical sprays and pesticides, creating a safer and more natural environment for your microgreens. By fostering a balanced ecosystem, you promote the presence of beneficial insects and pollinators, further enhancing the overall health of your plants. 

Environmental Stewardship

Nobody is totally ignoring the environmental issues, right? Not today, and not tomorrow! 

By selecting organic seeds from professional crops, you demonstrate your commitment to both the environment and your own health. Organic farming practices prioritize soil conservation, biodiversity, and the avoidance of synthetic chemicals. By choosing organic seeds, you support sustainable agricultural systems that protect water quality, promote soil health, and preserve the delicate balance of ecosystems.

  • Growing Variety and Popularity

With each passing season, the availability of new varieties of organic seeds continues to expand. This means that as an enthusiast of microgreens and sprouts, you have access to an ever-growing selection of organic seeds, allowing you to experiment with exciting flavors, textures, and colors. Additionally, organic seeds are gaining popularity due to their superior quality, nutritional value, and the assurance they provide of being free from harmful residues. Join the movement towards organic seeds and discover the joy of growing vibrant and nourishing microgreens and sprouts.

  • Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

Ecological seed production is part of a broader approach to sustainable agriculture. By supporting farmers and businesses that prioritize ecological practices, you contribute to the long-term health and viability of our food systems. Ecological farming methods promote soil conservation, water efficiency, and the preservation of pollinators and beneficial insects. By choosing ecological seeds, you become an advocate for sustainable agriculture and contribute to a more resilient and secure food future.

At MP SEEDS shop online, we take pride in offering a selected range of organic seeds, bearing the esteemed ecologic certificate. Choose organic seeds for your microgreens and sprouts to enjoy the benefits of natural resistance, reduced reliance on chemical sprays, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Embrace the growing popularity of bio seeds and nurture a healthier future for both yourself and the planet.

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