Microgreens Seeds - Soak or not to Soak? 2

Microgreens Seeds - Soak or not to Soak?

Many growers ask if it's essential to soak all the microgreens seeds before sowing.

There are many vaireties of microgreens, some of them needs to be soaked to sprout properly, some of them shouldn't - it kills their sprouting ratio. There is also a variety  that can be soaked but it's not obligatory.

Why to soak microgreens seeds?

Each seed has inside the endosperm as a part of the structure. Endosperm is a storage layer, used during germination as a source of building materials for seedling growth. The endosperm accumulates reserve materials that provide energy and nutrients for the developing embryo. In big and dry seeds endosperm is so big part of the seed that needs encourage to release the energy- we can help them to wake up with water.

What varieties of microgreens do I need to soak?

You should soak all the "bigger" seeds:

  • Sunflower,
  • Lupine,
  • Beet,
  • Nasturtiums,
  • and Pea.

What will happen if I do not soak the seeds?

If you do not soak the seeds that should be soaked- they may sprout slower, and sprouting ratio may be lower. 

How long to soak microgreens seeds?   

Average time of soaking is 6-10h. Maximum 12 hours. 

What will happen if I oversoak seeds?

Seeds can be drowned, and "picked" and smelly.

What kind of water to use?

Use tap water in room temperature. When you use too hot water you can kill the seeds.

What varieties are not allowed to be soaked?

All small microgreens seeds shouldn't be soaked. They have so small endosperm that it will release energy after seeding on hydrated substrate. In some sources you may read that every seed can be soaked. We do not agree with that. Soaking in some cases may cause molding. 

Don't soak microgreens varieties with seeds smaller than 3mm. These are:

  • Amaranth,
  • Radishes,
  • Cabbage,
  • Turnip,
  • Kale,
  • Arugula,
  • Broccoli etc.

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17 March 2023

Nasturtium working fine for me also without soaking, small coco coir cover on top and regular watering! Will try soaking!

20 March 2023

Without soaking pea seeds, growing is no go!

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