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Our dedicated section offers a handpicked range of seeds ideal for growing premium edible leaves and flowers. If you're looking to supply HORECA, hotels, restaurants, and markets with top-quality microgreens, you're in the right place.

☞What are edible leaves?

Edible leaves are a pivotal category of crops that have captured the attention of both culinary enthusiasts and professionals. They encompass young, tender shoots of various plants, harvested typically at an early stage of growth when their flavors and textures are most pronounced. 

These leaves introduce unique taste profiles, vibrant colors, and enticing textures to a range of dishes. Our selection includes sought-after varieties like bestselling nasturtium, borage, melon, perilla red shiso, sorrel, or salad burnet – all chosen for their visual appeal and potential for high-profit margins. From some of them you can grow beautiful, colorful flowers, which are selected in section called Edible flowers

Edible Leaves Seeds

Which Plants Have Edible Leaves?

There are many plants that produce edible leaves with distinctive flavors. These leaves come with immense health benefits and can be consumed either raw, after stir-frying, or sautéing.The difference between microgreens and edible leaves is practically invisible, so most of them we treat as equals. 

Consider incorporating Plants with Edible Leaves into your urban farm portfolio so your clients get as much as possible from everyday meals. The most popular edible leaves are: spinach, nasturtium, borage, portulaca, salad, shungiku, yarrow white, cabbage, lettuce, beetroot and sorrel.

How Do You Make Edible Leaves?

The process of growing edible leaves is quite similar to cultivating other microgreens, but it may require a longer growth period to reach the true leaf stage. In essence, they are overgrown microgreens. This extended growth results in more mature leaves that provide enhanced flavors and textures, making them a valuable addition to culinary creations.

How to Sell Edible Leaves?

Selling edible leaves is like selling microgreens. Market these healthy and trendy delights to a wide range of potential customers, including:

  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • private individuals,
  • local markets,
  • supermarkets,
  • and wherever there is demand.

The trend for healthy and unique ingredients like edible leaves makes them a sought-after commodity. Notably, restaurant chefs are increasingly enthusiastic about incorporating nasturtium leaves and edible flowers into their dishes due to their appealing visual and taste profiles.

Empower Your Farm's Future

In conclusion, MP Seeds Online Shop empowers farmers to seize a strategic advantage. Supply establishments with exceptional edible leaves and flowers to enhance culinary offerings and boost profits. Solidify your farm's success with this opportunity.

By offering these in-demand edible leaves and flowers, you can tap into the enthusiasm of culinary professionals and health-conscious consumers alike. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your farm's potential and contribute to the exciting world of gourmet cuisine.

Are Leaves Generally Edible?

In the natural world, most leaves serve as a source of sustenance for various creatures, be it animals or insects. While many green plants are indeed edible for humans, our digestive systems have limitations when it comes to deriving substantial nutrition from uncooked green leaves.

However, the scenario changes when leaves are cooked, allowing us to access a more substantial nutritional value. It's worth noting that some leaves, like lettuce, may offer little more than a costly form of roughage when consumed raw.

Edibility and Safety: An Important Consideration

It's important to note that not all leaves are suitable for human consumption. Always exercise caution and verify if a particular leaf variety is safe and suitable for human consumption under specific conditions.

At MP Seeds, we take your well-being seriously. The varieties available in our shop are meticulously chosen for their edibility and safety for human consumption. You can trust that the options we offer are not only edible but also carefully curated to ensure your culinary experiences are both enjoyable and safe.


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