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Chickpeas microgreens seeds - short information, usage and growing tips 

Chickpea, with its botanical name Cicer arietinum L. and also known as garbanzo beans, are a popular legume with a nutty flavor and creamy texture. They have been cultivated for thousands of years in the Middle East and are now enjoyed all over the world.

But Chickpeas don't just make delicious hummus - they can be turned into something even more nutritious and flavorful: Chickpea microgreens! Here in shortcut, you can get familiar with Chickpea microgreens:

  • what they are,
  • their health benefits,
  • how to grow them,
  • and some ideas for using them in your cooking. 

So get ready to learn about one of nature’s superfoods that you can easily grow at home!

What are chickpea microgreens?

Chickpea microgreens are a nutritional powerhouse packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They are easy to grow, require little space and can be harvested in just a few weeks after planting. MP SEEDS Chickpea microgreens have a mild, nutty flavor that is similar to chickpeas.

Growing chickpea seeds:

How to grow chickpea sprouts?

Growing chickpea sprouts is indeed a simple process. Here's a brief step-by-step guide:

  1. Rinse and Sort: Start by rinsing the chickpeas thoroughly under running water. Remove any debris or damaged beans.

  2. Soaking: Place the chickpeas in a bowl or jar and cover them with water. Allow them to soak for about 8 to 12 hours or overnight. This softens the beans and initiates the sprouting process.

  3. Rinse and Drain Routine: For the next few days, continue rinsing the chickpeas with water 2-3 times a day. Each time, drain the water thoroughly to prevent mold or bacteria growth. You can use a fine-mesh strainer. You can place the jar or container at an angle to ensure proper drainage.

  4. Watch for Sprouts: After a couple of days, you'll notice small sprouts emerging from the chickpeas. They'll continue to grow over the next few days.

  5. Harvest: Once the sprouts have reached your desired length (usually around 1/4 to 1/2 inch), they're ready to be harvested. 

  6. Storage: If you have excess sprouts, you can store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container lined with a paper towel. But they need to be dried. Consume them within a few days for the best quality.

Growing MP SEEDS chickpea sprouts is an easy and nutritious way to add a crunchy element to salads, sandwiches, wraps, or as a topping for various dishes. Just remember to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene practices throughout the process to ensure safe and healthy sprouts.

How to grow Chickpeas microgreens?

  • For the perfect Chickpea micro greens, make sure you soak your seeds for 8-24 hours before beginning.
  • Blackout 2-4 days. 
  • Then give them 6 days of blissful darkness to sprout in and 15-17 days growing time!
  • If you want to experiment with texture, decrease the amount of light they get - less is more when it comes to crunchiness!
  • Finally, don't forget that watering from below maintains moisture levels appropriate.
  • They are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance, so you can enjoy the amazing benefits of Chickpea microgreens without having to break the bank.
  • Get ready for some delicious nutrition with just one bite - Bon Appétit!

Can you grow chickpea microgeens hydroponicaly?

Yes, you can grow chickpea microgreens hydroponically. Hydroponic cultivation involves growing plants without soil, using a nutrient-rich water solution. Chickpea microgreens can thrive in a hydroponic system, such as a tray with a growing medium like coconut coir or a hydroponic setup that provides the necessary nutrients through water.

Why and how to eat Chickpeas microgreens?

Chickpea microgreens are an amazing source of nutrition and can be incorporated into any diet. They have high levels of Iron, Calcium, Protein, fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals. With their high nutrient content and delicious flavor, it's no wonder that Chickpea microgreens are a popular choice for health-conscious individuals.

Health benefits:

  • Protein Source: Chickpea microgreens and sprouts are an excellent source of plant-based protein, appealing to vegetarians and vegans and promoting muscle health in all consumers.

  • Dietary Fiber: The dietary fiber in these greens supports healthy digestion and helps maintain a sense of fullness, assisting in weight management. They are low in calories and can be used as a healthy snack or side dish.

  • Vitamins and Minerals: Customers will appreciate the vitamins and minerals found in chickpea microgreens and sprouts, contributing to overall well-being.

  • Antioxidants: The antioxidant content aids in protecting cells from oxidative stress and reducing the risk of chronic diseases, resonating with health-conscious consumers.

Culinary Versatility:

As a professional urban farmer, your culinary expertise is your strength.

Chickpea microgreens have a mild, nutty flavor that enhances the taste of endless possibilities in the kitchen:

  • Salads: Elevate salads with a generous handful of chickpea microgreens and sprouts. They provide a unique flavor profile and a delightful crunch.

  • Sandwiches and Wraps: Enhance sandwiches and wraps with the mild nuttiness of chickpea microgreens and sprouts. They add texture and depth to your creations.

  • Soups and Stews: Use them as a finishing touch for soups and stews, providing a fresh and vibrant contrast to hearty dishes.

  • Stir-Fries: Toss chickpea microgreens and sprouts into stir-fries during the final moments of cooking to maintain their crispness and infuse your dish with their unique flavor.

Can you eat chickpeas sprouts raw?

As for eating chickpea sprouts raw, yes, you can consume chickpea sprouts raw. Chickpea sprouts are typically enjoyed raw in salads, sandwiches, wraps, and as a garnish in various dishes. They have a mild, nutty flavor and a crisp texture, making them a delightful addition to both the flavor and texture of your culinary creations. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly before use, as you would with any fresh produce, to remove any potential contaminants.

Try them today and start reaping the benefits!

In conclusion, as a professional urban farmer, you have the opportunity to embrace the world of chickpea microgreens and sprouts, offering your customers exceptional taste, health benefits, and culinary versatility.

By overcoming potential challenges and leveraging these tiny greens' potential, you can further solidify your position in the thriving urban farming landscape. Taste the difference. Grow the difference.


Variety: Chickpea
Certification: Conventional Seeds
Seed Category: Microgreens Seeds
Latin Name: Cicer arietinum L.
Dificulty Level: Medium
Seed count per gram: 4 seeds
Sow density 10x20 tray: 300 grams
Sprout in low temp.: Yes
Soaking: Yes 8-24 Hours
Watering: Moderate
Blackout Time: 3 days
Total growing time: 9 days
Taste: Nutty Flavor
Stem Color: Green
Leaves Color: Green
Nutrition benefits: Ca, Fe, K, P
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