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Microherbs, also known as micro herbs, are tiny versions of traditional herbs that are harvested at an early stage of growth. These micro versions of herbs like basil, parsley, dill, sage, lemon-balm, borage or carrot are prized for their intense flavor, and delicate appearance. Their taste is similar but more delicate than taste of their mature couterparts.

They are often used as garnishes, flavor enhancers, and decorative elements in culinary dishes.

Don't let their small size fool you - growing these petite greens may require more effort than regular-sized ones, but their exceptional flavors are worth it. 

Scroll down to know what are the most popular microherbs, how to grow them, and what are they culinary purposes. Don't ask where to buy micoherbs...

Grow them by yourself on your urban farm!

Micro Herbs

What are the most popular microherbs?

In your urban farming journey, discover the joy of growing and enjoying a diverse selection of vibrant micro herbs. At MP Seeds, we offer a range of popular microherbs that are favored by restaurants chefs, urban farmers and home gardeners. Find the list of the most popular microherbs below:

  • Basil Microherbs: Experience the intense aroma of basil in a compact form. These microgreens bring the classic basil flavor to your dishes, from pasta to caprese salads, all while saving you valuable gardening space.

  • Cilantro Microherbs: Capture the zesty essence of cilantro in tiny leaves. Enhance your tacos, salsas, and Asian-inspired dishes with these microgreens that pack a punch of fresh flavor. 

  • Parsley Microherbs: Elevate your culinary creations with the sweet and slightly peppery taste of parsley microgreens. These tender leaves are a versatile addition to soups, stews, and sauces.

  • Sage Microherbs: Add depth to your dishes with the earthy and slightly savory notes of sage microgreens. These petite leaves are perfect for infusing a delicate sage essence into your food.

  • Lemon Balm Microherbs: Delight in the citrusy aroma and delicate flavor of lemon balm microgreens. Elevate desserts, teas, and beverages with these refreshing greens.

  • Dill Microherbs: Infuse dishes with the distinct anise-like flavor of dill microgreens. These small fronds are excellent for garnishing seafood, salads, and dips.

  • Fennel Microherbs: Experience the mild licorice undertones of fennel microgreens. Elevate salads, seafood dishes, and Mediterranean cuisine with these flavorful greens.

Embrace the urban farming lifestyle by cultivating these popular micro herbs right in your own home. MP Seeds provides you with the highest quality seeds to kickstart your microherbs journey. 

Where to buy microherbs?

Herbs are more and more popular, so the so the demand for purchasing both herbs and microherbs is increasing. You can find a variety of microherbs, ready to use, at special markets, garden centers, online retailers, subscription services, local markets, or from farmers. Remember to check the reputation and reviews of the seller before making a purchase to ensure you're getting quality products. Additionally, consider the shipping costs and delivery times if you're buying online.

However, the most rewarding option is to grow them yourself. Explore our selection of microherb seeds at MP SEEDS to embark on your own journey of cultivating and enjoying these flavorful delights at home.

What are microherbs benefits?

They are known for their intense flavors, vibrant colors, and various nutritional benefits. Here are some of the benefits of consuming micro herbs:

  • Nutrient Density: Micro herbs are incredibly nutrient-dense. Despite their small size, they contain a concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body from oxidative stress and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases. They can provide a nutritional boost to your meals.

  • Flavor and Aroma: Micro herbs have strong and concentrated flavors that can enhance the taste of your dishes. They can add a burst of freshness and complexity to your meals.

  • Texture and Visual Appeal: Micro herbs add a delightful texture to dishes, making them more visually appealing and interesting to eat. Their vibrant colors, and unusual shapes can also make your food more attractive.

  • Low in Calories: Micro herbs are low in calories, making them a great option for adding flavor and nutrition to your dishes without significantly increasing your caloric intake.

Micro herbs offer numerous benefits, enhancing both the nutritional content and the overall sensory experience of eating.

Check our extensive selection, look at the images of each micro herb, read the description, check the growing conditions and find something that will pique interest of your clients!

No more, same old veggies. Stock up on something new - microherbs!

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