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Discover the Excellence of Organic Red Kohlrabi Microgreens Seeds

LOOK AND TASTE: Unveil the enchanting world of Organic Red Kohlrabi microgreens seeds, a botanical marvel that adds a touch of elegance to your urban farm and culinary creations. These extraordinary greens boast heart-shaped emerald leaves perched atop vibrant rose-red stems, and they tantalize your taste buds with the familiar flavor of kohlrabi.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: Our seeds are more than just a delectable addition to your urban farm portfolio. They embody the principles of sustainability and purity. Proudly bearing the coveted BIO and organic designation, these seeds come with the assurance of an Eco certificate, making them the ideal choice for certified ecologic urban farms. They are cultivated:

  • using environmentally responsible methods,
  • completely devoid of harmful pesticides,
  • ensuring an untainted and eco-conscious growth process.

Curious about what the ECO CERTIFICATE entails? ► Dive into the world of MP SEEDS, where we delve into the Green Stamp of Quality, elucidating the advantages of ECO Certified Seeds for Microgreens.

How to grow organic Kohlrabi, red microgreens?

Cultivating these seeds is a breeze.

  • Say goodbye to presoaking,
  • as these seeds only require 3 days of germination,
  • followed by 4 days under light to reach their full potential.
  • You'll be harvesting your luscious kohlrabi microgreens in no time, ensuring you don't let them grow beyond the true leaf stage.
  • And with a remarkable 97% sprouting ratio in the current lot, you're in for a bountiful harvest.

Are organic Kale, Red micro leaves healthy?

Yes! The microgreens magic doesn't stop on the beautiful looka and easy cultivation. Organic MPSEEDS Kohlrabi microgreens are a nutritional powerhouse, offering a rich blend of Vitamin C, B6, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Fiber, and an array of vital nutrients and antioxidants. Incorporating them into your diet can contribute to better blood pressure, heart health, and the fight against cancer.

Experience the essence of organic excellence with our kale organic seeds, perfect for elevating your microgreens game. Shop now and savor the goodness of nature in every bite.

How to use Kale Organic microgreens in the kitchen?

Certainly, here are some ways to use Organic Kale Red microgreens in your dishes:

  • Salad Greens: Incorporate them into your salads for added flavor and color.
  • Sandwich and Wrap Fillings: Layer them in sandwiches or wraps for a fresh twist.
  • Smoothie Boost: Blend them into your morning smoothie for added nutrients and vibrancy.
  • Garnish Soups and Sides: Sprinkle microgreens on top of soups or side dishes.
  • Rice and Grain Bowls: Mix them into rice or grain bowls for extra nutrition.
  • Sushi Rolls: Include them in homemade sushi rolls for flavor and presentation.
  • Stir-Fries and Stir-Fried Noodles: Add microgreens to stir-fries for a fresh touch.

These microgreens are versatile and can enhance the flavor and nutritional value of various dishes.

Enjoy experimenting with them in your cooking!

Variety: Kohlrabi Red
Certification: Organic Seeds
Seed Category: Microgreens Seeds
Latin Name: Brassica oleracea acephala gongylodes 
Dificulty Level: Easy
Seed count per gram: 250 seeds
Sow density 10x20 tray: 28 grams
Sprout in low temp.: Yes
Soaking: No
Watering: Moderate
Blackout Time: 3 days
Total growing time: 7 days
Taste:  light cabbage taste
Stem Color: Purple
Leaves Color: Deep Green Violet
Nutrition benefits: C, B6, Ca, Fe
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