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How to use Microgreens Growing Pot 

Growing microgreens - the new gardening trend! With our pot you will grow microgreens easily at your home. 

If you're just starting out, here's how to get your green thumb going:

  • choose between absorbent gel (for its antiseptic properties and certification for food contact!),
  • perlan fiber if that floats your boat,
  • or switch things up with a coco mat.

PRO TIP: Pea or sunflower microgreens are even more low-maintenance – they can grow without any kind of extra adornment.

So no excuses now! Get ready to embark on a delicious journey into the world of homegrown greens! 

How to grow microgreens with perlan?

Ready to start your journey into the world of microgreens? Get ready for a delicious and nutritious adventure! Here are some guidelines on how best to get started:

  • Insert the deep strainer (grey) in your plant saucer (beige). Look at the photo "How to use growing pot- assembling".

Photo: How to use growing pot- assembling

  • Then insert its little brother -the shallow strainer (transparent)- inside it.
  • Place perlan onto this layer (photo: how to use growing pot 1) bedding before getting out that trusty spray bottle and wetting everything down.

Photo: how to use growing pot 1


  • Spread around 5g (about one full teaspoon) of seeds evenly over the surface (photo: how to use growing pot 2) using just enough cap to cover them up once you're done sawing those specks of green goodness.

Photo: how to use growing pot 2

Photo: how to use growing pot 3

  • With regular misting several times daily, partake in a bit of pampering with an extra fine spritz every now and then.
  • While applying coverage until they reach upwards at day 6 or 14 (depending on type of microgreens) – when their tiny harvests will be ripe for cutting 1 cm above 'perlan'.
  • Germination and growth is best achieved when your Perlan is kept between a cozy 18-24°C.
  • For convenience, you can remove the shallow strainer (grey) from its deep counterpart for easier trimming.
  • And at the end of its lifecycle, composting or disposing in a biowaste bin are both great options!

How to grow microgreens with gel?

Ready to take your gardening game up a notch? Get ready – it's time to start growing microgreens with gel!

  • You'll need the deep strainer (grey) and plant saucer (beige), as well as a shallow strainer (transparent). Look at the photo "How to use growing pot- assembling".
  • To make sure you've got enough for everyone, take a 300ml-sized container and put the gel inside.
  • Then add some water - about 170 ml should be enough.
  • Stir until its thickened then wait five minutes before transferring that green goodness over into the shallow strainer (photo: how to use growing pot 1A).

  • Spread out evenly using a spoon or brush so those precious seeds have plenty of room for growth (photo: how to use growing pot 2A).

  • If you're going DIY use around 5g per packet/full teaspoon on surface area.
  • After two days of creating a "microclimate" under the lid, take it off to let natural light do its thing.
  • The optimum temperature is 18-24 degrees Celsius.
  • To keep the gel wet regularly bedew 2-4 times per day so that on 6th or 14th day they will bo ready for consumption.
  • Just trim microgreens at the top edge of the strainer.
  • And don't forget: composting any plant residue leftovers can help make this process even more sustainable and ecological friendly. 

Suitable for this kind of seeds:

Watercress, rocket, radish, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, mustard, pea, sunflower (some seeds, mostly big ones, like pea, or sunflower should be soaked before the start of the growing process - you should follow the product descriptions).

Fabric and coffegrounds regranulate:

Got a microgreens growing pot? Then you've most likely got some coffee grounds regranulate in there too! It means the final appearance of the microgreens growing pot was created by mixing virgin material with 10% coffee grounds regranulate. In result we got a slightly grainy appearance with slight colour variance.

This product is made with only the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that not a single bit of BPA will get inside your meal.


And since it doesn't require any special maintenance - just some good ol' warm water and dish soap - cleaning up after each use couldn't be simpler! Heat-resistant enough for the dishwashers  looks like this little kitchen miracle has all its bases covered!

What is included in the package?

  •  1× shallow strainer
  •  1× base
  •  1× deep strainer
  •  1x perlan
  •  1x gel
  •  5-10 g of pea/radish seeds
  •  1 top for the strainer for blackout


  •     height: 7,7 cm
  •     diameter 16,6 cm


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