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Microgreens Growing Trays – Essential for Your Successful Cultivation

Welcome to our Microgreens Growing Trays category, an essential element for your cultivation journey. Gain insights into trays different sizes, uses, and versatility tailored to your specific needs. Choose from growing trays with holes or trays without holes, offering customized solutions for your urban farm space.

Elevate your cultivation experience with MP SEEDS durable trays, ideal for growing microgreens, edible flowers, and micro leaves.

Transform your urban farm with our Growing Trays and Grow with Us.

Growing Trays

Benefits of Growing Trays for Efficient and Organized Farming

Microgreens Trays are practical containers specifically designed for the cultivation of microgreens. Offer several advantages that enhance the entire growing process:

  • Available in Various Sizes: With cultivation trays offered in multiple sizes, they can easily fit different spaces, making them a versatile choice for various planting needs in urban farms.
  • Convenience and Portability: Growing trays are spacious yet convenient to carry. This makes them practical for various cultivation settings, whether you're growing microgreens in a home garden or a larger urban farm.
  • Free Choice of Growing Medium: Growing trays allow you the flexibility to choose your own growing medium, whether it's soil, substrates, or CocoMats.
  • Variety Cultivation: The trays are well-suited for positioning small pots of individual microgreens varieties. This allows for the simultaneous cultivation of multiple types within a single tray, offering versatility to farmers.
  • Reusable and Long-Lasting: Microgreens growing trays are reusable, and with proper care, they can be used for a long time. This sustainability aspect adds value to their practicality, making them a cost-effective choice for continuous cultivation.
  • Organized Cultivation: These trays help organize cultivation and maintain order. Choosing the right trays to grow microgreens for your urban farm and matching them to shelves and cabinets will allow you to organize the space efficiently.
  • Drainage Holes: Equipped with drainage holes, these  growing trays facilitate proper hydration. This ensures that the microgreens receive adequate water without the risk of overwatering.

As a reminder, at MP SEEDS, each growing tray is available with or without holes.


Get to know MP SEEDS growing trays better.

At MP Seeds, we value not just your seeds and supplies, but also your knowledge. We're eager to share our expertise gained through years of experience.

If you're struggling to choose the right tray and aren't certain which one suits your plants, refer to our guide at MP SEEDS. It addresses common questions and provides detailed information about each tray.

►Top Trays for Microgreens : Your Guide to Growing Trays and Pots, FAQs, and Choosing the Best!

For those who already own trays, we've put together a detailed article on how to clean and disinfect your growing trays. This guide will help ensure their longevity, promoting the health and vitality of your crops.

►How to Clean a Growing Tray? Quick Tips for Washing and Disinfecting Trays.

Upgrade your urban farm with MP SEEDS Microgreens Growing Trays! Select the perfect tray for your needs, savor bountiful harvests, and let's Grow With Us!

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