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Red Kohlrabi microgreens seeds- winning combination of taste, and fast grow

Kohlrabi microgreens are the tender, early-stage shoots of the kohlrabi plant (Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes), a member of the cabbage family. These microgreens are harvested at a very young age, typically after alredy 7 days total (before they reach true leave stage). They are fast and easy to grow, so if you start your microgreens journey it is a good choice.

The name "Kohlrabi" is derived from the German words for "cabbage" (kohl) and "turnip" (rübe), reflecting the vegetable's bulbous, turnip-like shape.


What is the taste and look of Kohlrabi microgreens?

MP SEEDS Kohlrabi red microgreens have a unique combination of taste and visual appeal.


  • Mild and Peppery: The flavor of red kohlrabi microgreens is generally mild with a subtle peppery undertone. This makes them versatile and easy to incorporate into various dishes without overpowering other flavors.

  • Hint of Kohlrabi: As the name suggests, they carry a hint of the distinctive kohlrabi taste, resembling a slightly sweeter and milder version of mature kohlrabi.


  • Heart-shaped Leaves: The microgreens feature small, heart-shaped green leaves that are tender and delicate.

  • Vibrant Red to Purple Stalks: One of the most striking visual aspects is the vibrant rose-red stalks that add a pop of color to your dishes. The contrast between the green leaves and red stems makes them visually appealing for garnishing.

  • Compact and Lush: Red kohlrabi microgreens grow in a compact and lush manner, creating a visually appealing and nutritious addition to salads, sandwiches, and various other culinary creations.

In summary, red Kohlrabi Red microgreens offer a delightful balance of mild, peppery flavor with a touch of kohlrabi essence. Their vibrant and attractive appearance makes them not only a culinary asset but also a visually appealing garnish for your favorite dishes.


How to grow Kohlrabi Red microgeens fast and easy?

  • This variety is easy to grow, and will give a lot of satisfaction for beginning farmer.
  • With no need for presoaking
  • and only 3 days of germination
  • followed by 4 days under light required for growth, you'll be harvesting kohlrabi microgreens in the blink of an eye!
  • PRO TIP: Do not cultivate it longer than true leave stage starts! What is more?
  • Kohlrabi microgreens grows even more vigorously than their cousins the Red Cabbage. 
  • Lot available right now has 97% sprouting ratio.  


Is Kohlrabi Red micro greens healthy?

Of course! Like other superfoods Kohlrabi greens offers health benefits like:

  • Vitamin C,
  • B6,
  • Calcium,
  • Potassium,
  • Iron,
  • Fiber
  • and other vital nutrients plus Antioxidants.

Perfect for your blood pressure, heart and fighting with cancer!


How to use Kohlrabi microgreens in the kitchen?

Kohlrabi red microgreens can be a delightful addition to a variety of dishes, providing a burst of flavor, vibrant color, and nutritional benefits. Here are some creative ways to use kohlrabi red microgreens in your culinary endeavors:

  1. Salads:

    • Toss kohlrabi red microgreens into salads for a peppery kick and a pop of color.
    • Combine them with other fresh greens, vegetables, and your favorite dressing.
  2. Sandwiches and Wraps:

    • Layer microgreens in sandwiches or wraps to add a crunchy texture and enhance the overall flavor.
    • Pair them with your choice of proteins, cheeses, and condiments.
  3. Garnish for Soups:

    • Sprinkle a handful of microgreens over hot soups just before serving to add freshness and visual appeal.
    • Works well with both cold and warm soups.
  4. Omelets and Scrambles:

    • Fold kohlrabi red microgreens into omelets or scrambled eggs for a nutritious breakfast.
    • Combine them with cheese, tomatoes, and herbs for a flavorful morning meal.
  5. Stir-Fries and Noodles:

    • Add microgreens towards the end of stir-frying for a vibrant and nutritious touch.
    • Incorporate them into noodle dishes for added freshness.
  6. Pizza Topping:

    • Sprinkle kohlrabi red microgreens on top of your homemade pizza just before serving.
    • They can add a pleasant crunch and elevate the visual appeal.
  7. Rice and Grain Bowls:

    • Mix microgreens into rice or grain bowls for added nutrition and color.
    • Top with your favorite proteins and sauces for a complete and visually appealing meal.
  8. Garnish for Appetizers:

    • Use as a garnish for various appetizers, such as bruschetta, crostinis, or mini sliders.
    • The vibrant color can make your appetizers more enticing.
  9. Smoothies:

    • Blend kohlrabi red microgreens into your favorite smoothies for an extra nutrient boost.
    • Combine them with fruits, yogurt, and a liquid of your choice.
  10. Cold Rolls or Sushi:

    • Roll kohlrabi red microgreens into cold rolls or sushi for a fresh and nutritious twist.
    • Pair with your preferred dipping sauce.

Remember to wash the microgreens thoroughly before use, and enjoy experimenting with these versatile and healthful additions to your meals!

Variety: Kohlrabi Red
Certification: Conventional Seeds
Seed Category: Microgreens Seeds
Latin Name: Brassica oleracea acephala gongylodes 
Dificulty Level: Easy
Seed count per gram: 250 seeds
Sow density 10x20 tray: 28 grams
Sprout in low temp.: Yes
Soaking: No
Watering: Moderate
Blackout Time: 3 days
Total growing time: 7 days
Taste: light cabbage taste
Stem Color: Purple
Leaves Color: Deep Green Violet
Nutrition benefits: C, B6, Ca, Fe
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