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Welcome to our "Yellow Mellow Microgreens" section! 

If you are looking for some truly unique microplants for you or your clients you are in the right place! Some of them will grow completely yellow, while others have yellow accents that will make your taste buds say just WOW!

Growing yellow microgreens will have you feeling like a gardening guru in no time. But wait! Growing them may be tricky! Before you dive in and start growing these yellow wonders, make sure to read the description carefully. We've included all the important details on how to cultivate each seeds, but if you have doubts- ask us!

Yellow Microgreens

PopCorn Microgreens seeds PopCorn Microgreens seeds
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Swiss Chard, Pink Microgreens Seeds Swiss Chard, Pink Microgreens Seeds
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Garlic Microgreens Seeds Garlic Microgreens Seeds
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Can microgreens be yellow?

Yes! Microgreens can come in many colors options, including green (of course!), red, pink, purple, and yellow. The color of microgreens is determined by the pigments present in the plant which depends on predispositions, variety and way of cultivation. 

Why microgreens are yellow?

Carotenoids are responsible for pigmenting yellow-colored microgreens. They are a group of plant pigments that are commonly found in yellow, orange, and red-colored fruits and vegetables.

Carotenoids play an important role in photosynthesis and have health benefits for humans.

Which microgreens can be yellow?

Microgreens can vary in color based on factors like light exposure, soil quality, and the variety or cultivar of the plant. That said, here are some microgreens that can have yellow or light green hues:

  1. Beet Microgreens: Some beet microgreens, especially if they're deprived of light, can have a yellowish hue. In Beet, Yellow we have green leaves and yellow stem. However, under normal light conditions, beet microgreens are typically more reddish or pinkish in their stem with green leaves.

  2. Onion Barbra: If you're looking for microgreens that appear yellow due to light deprivation, onion is be one. Looks and taste amazing!

  3. Popcorn Microgreens: When grown in darkness, popcorn microgreens remain yellow and have a sweet flavor. They're usually grown this way to keep them pale, crispy and tender.

It's worth noting that growing conditions, especially light, can influence the coloration of microgreens. If microgreens are grown in the dark or deprived of light for a period, they may not develop their full chlorophyll content, which can give them a yellowish appearance.

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