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Microgreens have long been praised for their flavor, nutrition and versatility. Now, many varieties of microgreens come in spectacular shades from pink to blue! 

With a wide range of tastes, textures, shapes and sizes of leaves, in countless colors, microgreens are packed with flavor and nutrients. Here you can filter products by Color-sorted option and be able to choose red, green or even yellow microgreens. 

You’ll be able to surprise your customers with red kohlrabi, red amaranth, yellow onion, yellow corn or purple mustard– making sure there is truly something for every preference.

Scroll down to know what colors can have microgreens, and why they can be yellow or red.

Enjoy the diverse selection we have in stock!

Coloured Microgreens

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What colors are microgreens?

Microgreens come in a wide variety of colors, adding visual appeal to dishes while also providing different flavors and nutritional profiles. Here are some common microgreen colors you might encounter:

  • Dark Green: Many microgreens have deep green leaves, such as Nasturtium Empress of India or Mustard Raad microgreens. These greens are rich in nutrients like vitamins A and C.

  • Light Green: Some microgreens, like Lettuce, Nastrurtium Tom Thumb, or Parsley varieties, have a lighter shade of green. They often have a mild flavor and tender texture (nastrurtiums not included ✘).

  • Red and Purple: Microgreens like Radish Red, Beet Red, Pak Choi Red and Amaranth Red can have red or purple leaves. These microgreens bring vibrant color to your dishes.

  • Yellow: Certain microgreens, such as Corn shoots, can have yellowish leaves. These add a sunny hue to your meals and might have a mild corn-like flavor.

  • Mixed Varieties: Microgreen mixes often combine different types of greens, creating a colorful and flavorful assortment. These mixes like Asian micro mix can include greens with various shades of green, red, and purple.

  • White Stem: Some microgreens have white or pale stems, adding contrast to the colorful leaves. Examples include Broccoli, Fenugreek, and Lettuce, crisp.  

The colors of microgreens can vary based on the type of plant, the stage of growth, and even the growing conditions. Mixing different colors of microgreens in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes can not only create an appealing visual presentation but also provide a diverse range of flavors and nutrients. 

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High quality micro greens with colourful results is the key that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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