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How to grow Sunflower Microgreens? And FAQ 0
Growing Sunflower Microgreens

How to grow Sunflower Microgreens🌻?

Have you ever wondered how to grow perfect Sunflower Microgreens? Hulls are hard to get off the cotyledons? Weak sprouting ratio? Growing Sunflower microgreens is extremely satisfying (and tasty!) proces, but may bring some dilemmas and questions with itself. Especially if you are microgreens beginner. In this article we will go through all of them. Among others:

  • How to grow perfect sunflower microgreens?
  • How to improve weak sprouting ratio?
  • How to fight with mold on sunflower microgreens?
  • How to get off the hull from cotyledons?
  • What are sunflower microgreens?
  • Is sunflower good for me?
  • Will sunflower microgreens regrow after cutting?
  • Will sunflower microgreens grow without soil?


Following our main rules you will grow Sunflower Microgreens like a pro.

How to grow perfect sunflower microgreens?

Cultivating sunflower microgreens may be easy, rewarding and fast experience. After you've done the initial work of soaking your seeds for maximum 6 hours (4-6 hours recommended), give them a day to rest in their jars or bucket before planting!

Then 4 days of germination phase to grow into perfect little greens. For maximum flavor we recommend harvesting in the morning after around 4-5 days after planting. Finally remember Sunflowers 💚 water and lots of it, so keep those delicate little plants hydrated all through these steps – happy growing everyone! 

How to boost your sprouting ratio!

Best way to do it is to soak the seeds. Soaking process! Just place them in the bucket, rinse and drain them properly 2-3 times to get rid of the dust. Now pour in the water and leave for 4-6 hours. They will float on the surface, so push them with another bucket from the top. 

After soaking, drain all water and leave them in a bucket or empty tray, shake them once a few hours to mix dried out seeds from the top with those wet from the bottom. After 1-2 days sunnies will sprout and little white end of the root will appear. It's perfect time to sow them! Then water, its good to put empty tray on them to give them a little pressure and humidity. 

How to fight with mold on sunflower microgreens?

Wash them in sanitizer,  house hold  bleach works just best. You may use oxygen water as well.  Washing in 1:20 ratio for 15 minutes will kill all bacterias and molds on the surface of the hulls. If you do not like the idea of using bleach you need to know that bleach is approved for ecologic production, or for whitening cotton pads for removing make up. There is nothing to worry about! 

How to remove hulls from sunflower microgreens?

Best way to get rid of sunflower seed hulls is to sprinkle them a little with water and leave for like 15-20minutes, they will soak and soften. After that period you have to get of them mechanicaly with your hand. Just shake the hulls off with your hand.

Sometimes you might have to repeat it, just don’t let the hulls to dry out when doing that. Best time to do it is on 2nd/3rd day after turning the lights on, when the roots are strong enough to keep whole plants in your growing medium- this is very important tip. If the roots will be not strong enough it will destroy the process and the plant.

Sunflower microgreens for sale. How to prepare it?

Do not water them just before packing in to the boxes because it can cause shorter shelf life.  

When to harvest sunflower microgreens?

PRO TIP: It is important to harvest sunflower micros in the morning, because in the night it converts energy into simple sugars from CO2 and water in the process of photosynthesis. Thank to that sunflower microgreen will be sweet in the morning. If you cut the plants in the end of the day it will be sour. 

What are sunflower microgreens?

Sunflower microgreens are young sunflower plants that are harvested just after the first leaves have emerged. They are sweet and very crunchy in taste. 

Is sunflower microgreens good for me?

Of course YES! Sunflower microgreens are packed with nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and E, as well as minerals like calcium and iron. Like other microgreens 🤩

These tiny greens are very versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. They have a mild, nutty flavor and a crunchy texture that makes them a great addition to:

  • salads,
  • sandwiches,
  • smoothies,
  • as healthy snack, 
  • as garnish.

Will sunflower microgreens regrow after cutting?

No, they will not regrow. 

Will sunflower microgreens grow without soil?

Yes! You can use coco mats or coco coir to grow sunflower microgreens. 


In summary, growing sunflower microgreens may be rewarding process that can be done in a small space at home, either greenhouse. With the right tools, seeds, and knowledge about soaking, and harvesting, you can have a fresh supply of these nutrient-packed greens in as little as 10 days. 


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