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Pea Dunn, microgreens- fastest growing variety of pea in MP SEEDS shop

Dear microgreeners! MP SEEDS introducing the Pea Dun Variety, a remarkable addition to our diverse collection of seeds for pea microgreens! This unique variety is known, and chosen by us for its exceptional growth time rate, and delightful flavor and good look reminiscent of Pea Salad Microgreens.

With its fast-growing nature, absence of tendrils, and long stems and leaves, the Pea Dunn Microgreens Variety is a must-have for every microgreens enthusiast. 

Cultivation Tips and Tricks for growing Dunn Pea Shoots

Ready for fastest pea harvesting ever? Hope yes!

To ensure optimal growth and yield, follow these simple growing tips for the Pea Dunn Microgreens Variety.

  • As with all microgreens with big seeds, and with all pea varieties begin by soaking the seeds for up to 12 hours to kickstart the germination process.
  • After soaking, spread the seeds evenly across a suitable growing medium and water them.
  • We recommend the coco mats as the best substate to cultivate pea, but using it you need to remember to use fertilizer, because coco mats are totally clean product. 
  • Maintain a moist environment (but be careful to avoid overwatering) and provide sufficient air, during germination.
  • Germination takes 3-4 days.
  • Later on, put germinated seeds of pea on light, either natural or artificial, to facilitate healthy growth.
  • Within just 7-9 days later, you'll witness the remarkable transformation of these tiny seeds into vibrant, lush microgreens.
  • Then is the time for harvesting your pea shoots. Bon appetite!

To sum up: The germination period takes approximately 5 days, during which the seeds burst with life. Once germinated, the Pea Dunn Microgreens Variety requires an additional 5 days to reach their full potential. Harvest your microgreens when they have developed their characteristic long stems and leaves, providing a visually appealing and flavorsome addition to any dish.


Usage and Benefits of Dunn Pea Microgreens

The Pea Dunn Microgreens Variety is not only beautiful and tasty, it is very healthy as well!

  • It is fully packed with essential nutrients,
  • including vitamins A, C, and K,
  • as well as minerals like iron and calcium.
  • Incorporating Pea Dunn microgreens into your diet can enhance your overall well-being,
  • support a healthy immune system,
  • and promote healthy bones and vision.
  • Furthermore, these microgreens are an excellent source of dietary fiber and possess potential antioxidant properties, aiding in digestion and promoting cellular health.
  • With their high concentration of beneficial phytonutrients, Pea Dunn microgreens offer a convenient and nutrient-dense addition to salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and various other culinary creations. We recommend it especially for salads- it will be a great salat base or substitute for traditional lettuce. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow and enjoy the Pea Dunn Microgreens Variety. Experience the satisfaction of cultivating these fast-growing microgreens with long stems and leaves, adding freshness, flavor, and nutrition to your meals.

Get started today and witness the remarkable journey of these extraordinary seeds as they transform into vibrant, nutrient-rich microgreens in just 10 days!


WANT MORE? All you need to know about Pea Microgreens

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How to grow pea microgreens fast and easy?


Variety: Pea Dunn
Certification: Conventional Seeds
Seed Category: Microgreens Seeds
Latin Name: Pisum sativum
Dificulty Level: Medium
Seed count per gram: 13 seeds
Sow density 10x20 tray: 280 grams
Sprout in low temp.: Yes
Soaking: Yes 8-12 hours
Watering: Frequent
Blackout Time: 3-4 days
Total growing time: 7-9 days
Taste: Fresh, Slightly nutty and sweet
Stem Color: Green
Leaves Color: Green
Nutrition benefits: A, C, K, Ca, Mg

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