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Feritilizer DIY for growing Microgreens! 

If you are you looking for a fertilizer specifically designed to help your microgreens grow, here we are with our special MP SEEDS mineral fertilizer. 

How to prepare the fertilizer for microgreens?

  • You need the two ingredients: this is part A and you need as well part B to make the complete. 
  • With just 1 gram of fertilizer per liter of water will give your plants all the nutrients they need to thrive!
  • In clearer words: 0,5 g of part A + 0,5 g of part B + 1 liter of water. Or 5 g fertilizer A + 5 g fertilizer B and then 10 l of water. 
  • The quantity of microgreens fertilizer you use depends on what varieties you’re growing.

When to use fertilizer for microgreens?

  • For the first watering of your microgreen plants when they are put under the sunlight,
  • and in bottom watering systems (for ex. hydroponic systems). We recommend use it according to growing needs, because too often usage may burn the greens. Usually it is enough to use it only for the first watering.  
  • Fertilizer is recommended for all microgreens with tiny seeds (for example AmaranthBroccoli). Microgreens with big seeds such as Fava Bean, or Pea do not require fertilizer, but...
  • If you are cultivating the microgreens using Coco Coir or Coco Fiber Mats as a growing substrate, adding the fertilizer is obligatory, as they do not contain any vitamins or minerals itself (they are washed during the production process). 

Advantages and contents of microgreen' fertilizer?

  • Lack of coating, high purity, and excellent solubility - safe to use without the risk of clogging drippers and spray nozzles (applies for bigger farms).
  • Absence of heavy metals and phytotoxic substances: guarantee of safety for plants and humans.
  • Impact on yield - fast-acting, nitrate form of nitrogen is absorbed immediately after application.
  • High content of readily available calcium - influences the healthy development of the root system, improves the appearance, taste, firmness, post-harvest durability of flowers, and storage properties of vegetables and fruits, reduces their susceptibility to fungal diseases and damage during transportation.
  • High content of chelated micronutrients (EDTA) to fulfill plant requirements, even in inert substrates.
  • Positive impact on soil structure and stabilization of pH in the root environment.
  • Suitable for foliar feeding and fertigation.
  • Contains essential components for proper development and growth, including macronutrients calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as magnesium, sulfur, and micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, boron, copper, and molybdenum.
  • Proportions and quantities of nutrients are universally formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of microgreens.

Get our specially formulated fertilizer today and start seeing results in no time!

Can I use fertilizer for organic crops?

Organic farming only uses natural fertilizers and nutrients. Our fertilizer is mineral, so it's not suitable for organic farming.

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