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How to choose the best seeds supplier? 10 Reasons Why MP SEEDS? 0
How to choose the best seeds supplier? 10 Reasons Why MP SEEDS?

How to choose the best seeds supplier? 10 Reasons Why MP SEEDS? 

In an era where the microgreens market is experiencing unprecedented growth, the need for a reliable and knowledgeable seed supplier has never been more crucial. While the market is thriving, it is essential to acknowledge the scarcity of genuine specialists in the field. This underscores the importance of choosing the right seed provider. 🪴🏆

At MP SEEDS, we recognize that distance is no longer a barrier in the 21st century. Coming from Poland, we ensure the delivery of the finest seeds to wherever you are.

Now, let's delve into 10 reasons why MP SEEDS stands out as the go-to choice for discerning microgreens enthusiasts.


Seeds are Playing the First Role: The Essence of Success

When it comes to cultivating microgreens, the pivotal factor defining your triumph lies in the seeds you choose. At MP SEEDS, we recognize the paramount importance of quality seeds and prioritize their freshness, purity, and overall excellence.


● Fresh Microgreens Seeds, Always: 

At MP SEEDS, we ensure that you receive only the freshest seeds. We strictly adhere to the first-come, first-go (FIFO) rule in our warehouse, guaranteeing that our seeds are never from outdated stock, ensuring optimal viability for your microgreens cultivation.


● Eco-Certified Excellence: 

Our commitment to sustainability led us through a rigorous process, culminating in the attainment of an 🍀eco-certificate. Some of our seeds are proudly organic, reflecting our dedication to environmental consciousness and providing you with a choice that aligns with your values.

► Go to MP SEEDS Organic seeds selection. 


● Safety First: 

Your well-being is our priority. MP SEEDS guarantees that our seeds are not only safe for human consumption but also meet the standards for animal consumption. Our commitment to safety extends beyond mere claims – it's a confirmation you can trust.


● Disease-Free Assurance: 

Our seeds undergo thorough screening to ensure they are free from diseases, bacteria, and other contaminants (like bacteria coli🦠). This meticulous process is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering seeds of the highest quality and purity.


● Optimal Storage for Maximum Sprouting: 

Recognizing the sensitivity of seeds to storage conditions, MP SEEDS takes extra measures to store our seeds in optimal conditions. This meticulous approach ensures that the seeds you receive are not just fresh but also possess the maximum sprouting potential🎁, setting the stage for a flourishing microgreens harvest.


For more information about safe and certified crops, visit our article below ⬇️



In the world of microgreens cultivation, where every detail matters, our focus on seed quality is a commitment to your success. Choose MP SEEDS for an assurance that your microgreens journey begins with seeds of unparalleled freshness, purity, and potential.


Guarantee: Cultivate with Confidence

 At MP SEEDS, we go beyond providing exceptional seeds. We offer you peace of mind with our unique sprouting guarantee. We understand that despite your best efforts and adherence to cultivation tips, unexpected challenges can arise. That's where our commitment to your success truly shines.


If, by any rare instance, something goes awry in your cultivation journey and it can be traced back to the seed quality, MP SEEDS has you covered. 


We proudly stand by our seeds and their potential. In the unlikely event that you encounter issues due to a rare seed batch problem, we don't just offer sympathy – we offer a solution.

Our sprouting guarantee means that if the seeds you receive happen to be from a subpar batch, we will not only acknowledge it but also take responsibility. Your investment is protected, as you will go over the claim procedure, we will promptly refund your money or send new seeds. 

It's a level of commitment that sets us apart – Ask yourself, does any other supplier go to such lengths to ensure your success?  


Knowledge is Our Vantage: 👩🏻‍🏫Empowering Your Growth Journey

At MP SEEDS, we understand that the work, and commitment of the best seeds supplier on the European market extends beyond merely providing seeds. It's about equipping you with the knowledge to foster a thriving harvest. 


Selling or buying seeds is easy, but knowing how to cultivate them is where true success lies.

● Free source of knowledge about microgreens:

With MP SEEDS, you gain FREE access to a wealth of knowledge that sets us apart. Explore our extensive library of product descriptions and articles, where you'll find invaluable insights on crucial aspects of microgreens cultivation.

Our resources cover these topics and more, serving as your comprehensive guide to microgreens success.


● Practical knowledge FROM and FOR urban farmer:

What sets us apart is not just the availability of information but the quality of our expertise. We're not just a seed supplier; we're practitioners who have navigated the intricacies of the business. Our free materials are designed to empower you with practical insights, but we don't stop there.


● Always here for YOU:

Feel free to reach out☎️—whether through reading our materials, sending a message, or giving us a call. At MP SEEDS, we're not just committed to delivering quality seeds. We're dedicated to ensuring you have the knowledge and support needed for a flourishing microgreens venture. Your success is our priority, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Constant Check: Ensuring Seed Excellence Every Time📈

At MP SEEDS, we prioritize the quality of every seed batch that reaches our online store. Every single batch undergoes a meticulous check at our facilities.


Whether produced exclusively for us or sourced from trusted suppliers, we leave nothing to chance. Rigorous quality control is our commitment to you.


This meticulous process ensures that only seeds of the highest standard make their way to you. We don't compromise on quality, and our constant checks are our way of assuring you that each seed you receive is carefully inspected and meets our stringent standards. We do it for you but also for ourselves, we do not want claims or returns. 


Delivery Across Europe: Your Choice, Our Priority📦🚛 

At MP SEEDS, we extend our commitment to convenience with delivery services spanning across Europe🇪🇺.

We understand that preferences vary, so we offer you the flexibility to choose between economical and slower shipping or opt for express delivery at a slightly higher cost.

Regardless of your choice, rest assured that all our packages are meticulously packed with care and dispatched as promptly as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority, not only in the quality of seeds but also in the seamless and efficient delivery of your microgreens journey.


Versatility in Seed Selection: Tailoring Choices to Your Needs

MP SEEDS takes pride in offering a diverse portfolio of seeds, ranging from popular basics like:

As specialists in microgreens, we bring a depth of knowledge to our offerings. If you're in search of a specific variety that eludes you elsewhere, don't hesitate to ask. Our commitment to versatility ensures that your microgreens journey is not just successful but also tailored to your unique preferences and aspirations.


To discover additional information about microgreens and sprout seed varieties, don't miss our comprehensive guide⬇️


Small Family Business, Big on Care and Commitment

At MP SEEDS, we are more than just a business—we are a small family that cares deeply about your microgreens experience.

Standing firmly behind our seeds, we take your success personally.👩🏻‍🌾

As humans dedicated to the craft, we go beyond providing seeds; we are here to offer a personalized touch and unparalleled service. Our mission extends beyond business; we aim to spread knowledge about the future of microgreens. Growing the difference starts with us, and we invite you to grow with MP SEEDS, where care, commitment, and a passion for microgreens converge.


Explore with Confidence: Free Samples Await You😎

Curiosity meets assurance at MP SEEDS, where we invite you to delve into our diverse seed offerings with confidence.

Order samples of the seeds you're eager to explore, and here's the best part—it's absolutely free! Simply let us know your preferences, and MP SEEDS will seamlessly include them 🛍 in your next order.

It's our way of ensuring you have the opportunity to experience the quality and variety of our seeds firsthand, without any extra cost.


Seeds in Bulk: Unleash Cost Savings

If you're thinking bigger and looking for a better deal, we've got you covered at MP SEEDS. We understand the value of your investment, and that's why we offer fantastic prices for seeds in bulk.

Whether you're cultivating on a larger scale or simply seeking cost-efficient options, we're here to tailor a solution that suits your needs.

Reach out to us, and let's explore how MP SEEDS can bring not only quality but also affordability to your microgreens journey. Your success, in both growth and savings, is our priority.



Embark on your microgreens journey with MP SEEDS, where the benefits unfold at every step.

  • Choose from a diverse selection of seeds, carefully checked for quality, ensuring a thriving harvest.
  • Experience the convenience of Europe-wide delivery, tailored to your preferences—economical or express, always packed with utmost care.
  • Gain more than just seeds. Access a wealth of knowledge through our resources and personalized support.
  • As a small family business, we don't just provide seeds- we care, stand behind our products, and are dedicated to spreading the joy of microgreens.

Grow the difference with MP SEEDS, where your success is not just a goal but a shared passion. GROW WITH US!

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