How to Make Microgreens Business? Guide for Becoming a Successful Microgreens Entrepreneur. 0
How to make microgreens business? Guide for Becoming a Successful Microgreens Entrepreneur.

How to Make Microgreens Business? Guide for Becoming a Successful Microgreens Entrepreneur.

Growing microgreens isn't just easy and enjoyable – it's also a smart business move.💰Economists predict that the value of the microgreens market will nearly double from $1.3 billion in 2022 to $2.2 billion by 2028. Considering the simple cultivation, increasing demand, and market growth, starting your own microgreens business is an excellent idea.📈

If you're wondering where to start planning your microgreens venture, fear not! We're here to guide you through every step on the road to creating a microgreens business plan. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of launching a microgreens business, detailing what you need to embark on your sprouting journey and providing answers to the most frequently asked questions about running a profitable microgreens venture. From this article, you will learn: 

  1. Microgreens research. How to do microgreens market analysis?
  2. Marketing Strategy. Where will you promote and sell your products?
  3. Seeds. How to choose the best seeds supplier?
  4. Financing. How much money do I need to start growing microgreens professionally?
  5. Urban farm portfolio. How to select microgreens varieties for professional cultivation?
  6. Get the know-how for growing microgreens.
  7. Delivery. How to Prepare Microgreens for Sale?


It's true, there are a few steps to creating the right Microgreens Business, but don't worry, you won't forget anything. We've put together an infographic to give you a quick overview of the steps involved in business planning. Below the article, you will find a downloadable version of it, so you won't miss a thing. So here we go!


How to Start Microgreens Business step by step⬇️


1. Microgreens research. How to do microgreens market analysis?

If you're already excited and immersed in the world of microgreens, here's how you can start your professional and profitable growth. Let's take the plunge!💪

What should you do? Begin with a microgreens market analysis to find out how many people are interested in microgreens. Read, check, search, find out! Ready? Let's begin!


Who is the client for microgreens?🤔

When searching for customers and potential buyers for your microgreens, start by researching:

  • local places such as restaurants,
  • small shops,
  • and health food stores.

Establish connections with stallholders at local markets, neighborhood shops, farms, or local restaurants. The demand and popularity of microgreens are growing, not only among chefs and restaurateurs, but also among ordinary consumers seeking healthy and appealing meals. You don't necessarily need to be reliant on large retail chains or supermarkets to turn a profit before venturing into large-scale production.


Is the microgreens market crowded?

The microgreens market is not saturated. There is still ample room for growth and opportunities. The demand for microgreens continues to rise, indicating a favorable environment for new entrants. With innovation and quality offerings, there's potential for success in the microgreens business.


What is the competition for urban farm?

When researching the market, it's essential to also study the competition. Find out who in your area is already providing microgreens.🧐Take a close look at their:

  • product range,  
  • internet activity,
  • and pricing details.
  • Check delivery methods, how frequently they supply, from how far Microgreens are coming.🚚
  • Investigate any useful information, like where your competitors deliver their products.


Market research and competitive intelligence are crucial for understanding the nuances of working as a professional microgreens grower. These steps will enable you to establish a robust foundation, decide on your product offerings, and create a competitive pricing list.


If you're seeking more inspiration or a real-life example of how others began their journey, check our article. Find out where our love for microgreens comes true.⬇️


📚►🌱From Party Inspiration to European Delivery: The Humble Journey of MP SEEDS🌍


2. Marketing Strategy. Where will you promote and sell your products?

Now is the time to think about how to not only sell microgreens but also promote your farm. The internet, social media or trade fairs of any kind are great places to attract new customers and introduce your brand to them. This is the moment when you should consider how your microgreens will reach your audience, whether through an online shop or perhaps direct sales.

Develop a marketing strategy. Also look at your competitors. What are the advantages and disadvantages of other farmers growing microgreens? Think about what could make you unique in the market!


3. Seeds. How to choose the best seeds supplier?

Now that you know about the microgreens market, local suppliers, and potential customers, let's build a strong foundation for your cultivation – MICROGREENS SEEDS. Here, we'll highlight the key questions to ask your seed supplier for a top-notch crop:

  • Are the seeds fresh?
  • Are the seeds free from diseases and fungi?
  • Are the seeds untreated?

Of course, these are just a few important questions about seeds. What is important to you? The communicativeness of the supplier, trust that they will send you the seeds ASAP when you have a special order from your client, or the seeds guarantee? Write it down and do some seeds supplier research to choose this one which is suitable for you. 

Also, make sure to check: 

  • seed prices,
  • availability, 
  • and variety. 

Remember, having more types of seeds gives you more options to offer.

[product id="14, 160"]


Drawing from our experience as seed suppliers at MP SEEDS, we've put together a helpful article guide. It could be really useful for this stage of setting up your business. Check it out to know what else you might need for a smoothly running business.⬇️


📚►How to choose the best seeds supplier? 10 Reasons Why MP SEEDS?


4. Financing. How much money do I need to start growing microgreens professionally?

Now let’s talk about money. 💰 How much do you truly need to kickstart a microgreens business? The main costs are seeds and accessories, but luckily, you won't need much.

To begin, grab some growing trays, suitable substrates like coco mats, and shelves for your seedlings. Your growing space doesn't need fancy standards, a basement, or garage works just fine. Just make sure you have access to running water and light – it makes things smoother. If the spot lacks light, throw in some UV lamps. In this case, unfortunately, we cannot provide advice. However, if you have any recommendations for good and proven UV lamps, please let us know.

Let us summarize. When it comes to starting a budget, the following points should be taken into account:



Choose the right varieties based on your preferences and needs. Below we have listed the 4 popular varieties with prices per 250 g, which we believe are essential not only for beginning farmers.



You should invest in several trays. Depending on the available space and your specific requirements, choose the trays that best suit your growing needs. 


[product id="112, 146"]

We offer various types of trays in our shop, with the Extra Strength Growing Trays being the most popular, priced at €15 for 3 pieces. We also provide the classic Growing Trays "10x20" at €12 for 3 pieces. These, along with many others, can be found in our Growing Trays collection. Please note that each tray can be reused for approximately 10 crops, making it a one-time cost for multiple harvests.



They are a farmer's favorite for growing microgreens! They're a game-changer, making sure your greens always have enough water. For example, our CocoMats Double Layer costs EUR 14.90 for a set of 3 in the basic size.

If you want to know the costs of a coconut coir substrate or learn more about them, explore our Cocomat - Coconut Coir collection. You can compare sizes, quantities, and prices.



The amount and type of supplies depend on the characteristics of your crop. However, we are convinced that you will be interested in the following accessories, which we have listed along with the prices:

As you can easily calculate, the financial contribution needed at the very beginning is not large.  It's simple and budget-friendly!🌱💰


Is this business really profitable?

Microgreens stand out as one of the most profitable crops. We understand that you may not take our word for it, so we have decided to provide you with a tool that will easily demonstrate the results of growing even the smallest crop. We have prepared a handy file to confirm this claim. Microgreens Production Calculation is a table we have created to help you calculate the costs, incom, and profits you can expect from growing microgreens per month.The table consists of 3 parts:

  • calculation of costs (1),
  • income (2),
  • and profits (3).

We will now guide you through the process of filling it in, making the calculations associated with your crop even simpler


Microgreens Production Calculation - Costs(1)⬇️


In the first part of the table "Costs", specify exactly which varieties you will grow, fill in the price per kilo, how many trays you plan to sow, and how many seeds you need per tray. If you are unsure about the quantity at MP Seeds, under the description of each variety, you will find information on the amount of seed you need per tray.


The next part of the table is "Supplies changable". Here, specify what supplies you use during the month, in what quantities, and at what prices. Specify the price per item. The replacement indicator determines how often you should replace your stock. Our estimates suggest replacing one tray after every 10 harvests, so we have defined this ratio as 0.1.


The "Fixed cost" section is where you summarize all fixed expenses. This includes costs such as water, electricity, taxes, or fuel. If you are growing microgreens at home, in your basement, or garage, set the rental cost to 0.


The final section of this tab is "Working time." However, it's not ordinary because here you can calculate how much time you spend on individual activities such as watering, sowing, or harvesting microgreens. The table precisely calculates the number of hours spent on each activity and, by determining your salary per hour, converts this into your monthly cost.


In summary, this section summarizes all your costs for growing microgreens, including seeds, supplies, labor, and fixed costs. Let's now move on to the next tab.

The second tab of our Microgreens Production Calculation "Income" calculates how much cash is generated from the harvest. Fill in the quantity of microgreens harvested from each tray in grams. Enter the selling price of your microgreens, and your total income will be readily displayed in the table


Microgreens Production Calculation - Income(2)⬇️


The last tab of the Microgreens Production Calculation is "Profit". This table computes all the data you have entered so far, including the quantity of microgreens produced, working time, costs, revenue, and ultimately displays your profit. Additionally, this column also itemizes your profit if you grow the microgreens yourself.


Microgreens Production Calculation - Profit(3)⬇️


You can find this table below the article in the downloadable version. We think it's a handy file to have at every stage of growing, even when your crop is big and profits are high. It's good to keep an eye on the numbers and check how profitable your business is. If things are not looking great, it might be a sign to make some changes—maybe expand what you offer, mix up your portfolio, or raise your prices. So, give the table a look, and keep your microgreens business in check! 


5. Urban farm portfolio. How to select microgreens varieties for professional cultivation?

This is where the real fun begins! With so many microgreens varieties available, offering a diverse selection is key to pleasing your customers. The varieties and types of microgreens that we can recommend getting you started, and that are always popular, are, first and foremost: 

Additionally, when building your portfolio of urban farms, make sure to include microgreens in your harvest.

  • vibrant colors, 
  • a bit of spice, 
  • lush greenery, 
  • and even edible flowers.
[product id="76, 2"]

We get it, the choices are vast, and decisions can be tricky. Consider chatting with potential customers about their preferences—what they'd like to try and what visually appeals to them. Check out our article on the top 6 must-have varieties, they're crowd favorites and the foundation of any great harvest.⬇️


📚►The Most Popular Microgreens Your Customers Will Love: Grow the Best Varieties


6. Get the know-how for growing microgreens

The next step in your microgreens business is plant cultivation. Properly managing your space, keeping growing tools clean, and giving your plants the care they need are all crucial.

Now, as you dive into this phase, it's essential to gather knowledge. Take a closer look at each crop, understand its specifics. At MP SEEDS, we make sure our clients are well-prepared. That's why, when using our shop, in the description of each product, you will find, among other things, information about:

  • the amount of seed per tray
  • growing time
  • soaking
  • watering frequency
  • or blackout period

But that's not all. There's a table attached under each variety that clearly outlines the key characteristics of the variety. This not only makes growing easier but is also helpful when dealing with customers, as the table includes information about nutrients, color, or flavor.

Of course, by using our seeds, you are guaranteed expert support and advice. Feel free to write or call us with questions about varieties, products, or cultivation methods.

For all farmers with a thirst for knowledge, we also have a number of articles published regularly on our blog to help you understand the specifics of growing particular varieties or to answer questions. Start with the article, it contains essential advice and tips for getting into microgreens.⬇️


📚►How to Grow Microgreens: 10 Expert Tips, not only for beginners!


7. Delivery. How to Prepare Microgreens for Sale?

The final and crucial aspect of managing a successful microgreens business involves the careful packaging and preparation of microgreens for your customers. This step demands a special focus on detail, and here are some important guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Choose boxes📦: Opt for containers to ensure both effective storage and secure transportation of your microgreens.
  • Harvest with care✂️: When harvesting, use scissors or a sharp knife to preserve the delicate nature of the microgreens, ensuring they reach your customers in optimal condition.
  • Mind the water💦: Avoid soaking or watering from above to steer clear of potential moisture-related problems that could affect the quality of your microgreens.
  • Prioritize refrigeration❄️: If refrigeration is necessary before transportation, store the microgreens in suitable boxes. This not only maintains freshness but also guarantees a crisp and appealing product upon arrival.

These steps collectively contribute to offering your customers the highest quality microgreens, safeguarding both their taste and nutritional value. For a more in-depth guide on preparing microgreens for sale, check out our comprehensive article filled with practical tips and advice.⬇️


 📚►Preparing Microgreens for Professional Sale🛒: Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners


Frequently asked questions

Is it straightforward to sell microgreens?🛒

The demand and popularity of microgreens are soaring, and what's even more promising is that these trends are continually on the rise. Microgreens, not only known for their health benefits and effectiveness but also considered quite trendy lately, are in high demand. By incorporating them into your practice, you'll discover customers through various sales channels


Do microgreens take a lot of time to grow?⏰

Growing microgreens does demand dedication. It may not take up much time each day, but patience and regular attention are key. You need to check your crop daily, keeping an eye on hydration, air preparation, and the condition of the plants. It's not particularly challenging, but it does require consistency and regularity, which are the keys to success in this endeavor.


Which microgreens variety is the most profitable?💰

Out of the entire range of microgreens varieties, the most profitable ones definitely include the collection: 

These are varieties from which you will get a harvest in a short time and which are very popular with customers.


In summary, stepping into the realm of microgreens offers a thrilling chance for a prosperous business venture. Given the rapidly expanding market, the promise of profitability, and the straightforward cultivation process, launching your own microgreens business is not only a smart but also a fulfilling decision. As you've seen, a modest investment, coupled with proper training in cultivation, positions you to yield thriving, bountiful, and lucrative harvests. Engaging in this profitable business opportunity allows you to not only meet market demands but also potentially reap substantial financial rewards, making it a sound and advantageous entrepreneurial pursuit.

Don't hesitate - Grow with us🌱

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