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What is Microgreens Growing + Regrowing pot?

If you want to grow some greens easily at home we’ve got you covered! This product will let you grow microgreens and re-use small veggies at home at the same time in paralel. What you get is the double pot, with two smaller pots inside to use as below options:

  • microgreens + microgreens
  • microgreens + regrow

Microgreens growing pot

With this special MP SEEDS Microgreen growing pot Grow you can successfully grow your own microgreens at home! Especially if you are a beginner! Just start from the seed and watch them grow into nutritious snacks in no time - perfect for any aspiring gardener.

Microgreens Regrowing pot: 

It is a revolutionary invention which creates a new way to make the most of your kitchen scraps by transforming them into delicious, homegrown vegetables. 

How to use Microgreens Growing Pot?

Check the full instructions with pictures - the description is on the Microgreens Growing Pot product.

How to use a Regrowing Pot?

Regrow your favorite vegetables with ease! Using the deep strainer and variable ribs from our system, you can create the perfect environment for regrowth. 

  1. Start by snapping the adjustable ribs into place according to what size of vegetable you're regrowing. 
  2. Then slide it all inside a plant saucer that contains everything necessary – no soil needed! 
  3. Finally add water up until reaching an indicated mark on one side of the strainer before arranging your veggies in between those same adjustable ribs. 
  4. Remember to keep changing out (and replenishing) water daily for optimal results.
  5. Soon enough, brand new plant tops will appear so you can go ahead with processing them as desired.

Which vegetables can be regrown in a regrowing pot?

All root vegetables: 

  • root vegetables - carrot, parsley, celery, radish, beet 
  • stalk celery 
  • fennel 
  • spring onion 
  • onion 
  • garlic 
  • leek


You want your microgreens growing pot to look fab? That is important for us too so we hope you'll be glad to hear it's been given a unique touch! We've added 10% of coffee grounds regranulate, giving the mix an interesting grainy texture and changing hues. Ready for that one-of-a-kind planter experience? Now all you need is some creative green thumbs!

Enjoy your meal worry-free with this product- we guarantee that no BPA will sneak into any bite!


Taking care of our product is a breeze! Get those components sparkling clean with a quick rinse in some warm, soapy water - or if you're feeling like making dishes today, try running them through the dishwasher at 50°C. What could be easier?

What is included in Package? (Microgreens growing + Regrowing pot) 

  •  2× shallow strainer
  •  5× variable ribs
  •  2× deep strainer
  •  1× plant saucer
  •  1x perlan
  •  1x gel
  •  5-10 g of pea/radish seeds


  •  height: 7,7 cm
  •  diameter 16,6 cm

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